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Nothing says Greek life like homophobic, white supremacy!

Haha you sound ignorant

To that anon that said you post a pic with a different girl every night, isn't he allowed to have friends? Like gah dayumn! Just because he posts a pic with a girl doesn't mean he's getting with her


The University of Mississippi

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I got so excited when I saw you on campus the other day, I was about to say hi but then I realized you weren't my type because you post a new picture with a different girl every night. Why can't you just stick to one?

I’m trying

Honestly, at first I found you SO attractive and that's not changed, but now I just really would love to have you as a friend. You seem so decent and fun! Plus, you have me guy advice and it was VERY successful(:

Thank you!

You're so good looking and seem like you are really genuine! I seriously wish that guys like you existed where i'm from! :(

Thank you hahs

why didn't you rush your freshman year at IU?

I did, but I transferred to Ole Miss second semester before my initiation

what are some northern schools you know of with good Greek life?

Indiana is the main one along with the majority of the other Big 10 schools

What stage are you in life? Are you ready to find a woman, or are you still enjoying being single?

Right in the middle haha